Day Five




Revisit the first 4 days of material (Visionary, Researcher, Designer, Planner).

***Relate to the class how PROBLEM SOLVING has had a part in getting their RUBE to function.

After the final design process the project is ready to be executed. Today the engineer will teach the class the steps taken to move from paper to product, hardware, or construction.

Project Delivery / Unit Production

After the final design phase the project or product must be built or manufactured. The planning process continues here and the Engineer must see the process through to the finish.

1. Product Production

a. Parts procurement or manufacture

b. Manufacturing process

c. Product assembly

d. Product testing

e. Dealing with wastes

2. Project Construction

c. Construction project delivery methods

d. Coordination (utilities, governmental, multiple contractors and suppliers, etc.)

c. Closeout (final inspections, startup, etc.)


Ask class to identify some of the outstanding engineering achievements of the ancient world and the modern world. Relate these things to some of the products or activities they like to do. Relate to things they visited on vacation, etc. Utilize the Web and search for the Wonders of the world. Explore these with the class. Focus on the difficulty engineers faced in building some of the ancient engineering wonders and how they had to SOLVE MANY PROBLEMS.

Remember to bring the focus of the day back into the activity: An Engineer is a PROBLEM SOLVER.

Work on Rube.

Key Points for Day Five:

Check schedule for progress.

Keep up journal and drawings.

Your construction of the Rube should be well established but keep in mind that it is dynamic and teach students how to deal with change.

Remember to document some of the PROBLEMS you had to SOLVE in building your Rube. These need to be included in your Journal.

You have one more session to finish your Rube. It would be good to be able to test run your rube today so that you have the next session to work out the difficulties. If you need more time, schedule additional time to complete.

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