Day Four




Revisit the first 3 days of material (Visionary, Researcher, Designer).

Discuss how PLANNING is an important part in linking all the different steps of the Rube together to achieve the goal.

Today’s focus will be on finalizing the design to the point that the project can move on to production.

Design Process (Final)

In the final design process the plans or working drawings and specifications are completed. As a part of the quality control or quality management process, you may choose to evaluate the design to produce a better product or project. Explain the Value Engineering process. Discuss how the PLANNING effort does not stop with final design but continues on with project delivery, product production, and problem solving.

1. Prepare plans, working drawings, and specifications

a. computer aided design

b. design reviews, problem solving, redesign

c. legal review

d. coordination between disciplines

2. (Value Engineering) TQM

a. formal process of evaluation

b. accomplished by a team

3. Final products

a. plans and specifications of project/product

b. estimated cost of delivery/production

c. schedule for project or production delivery

d. model of concept (i.e., computer or scale model)


Evaluate your progress on the Rube. Break class up into Value Engineering Teams and have them come up with new and better steps and ideas for incorporation into the Rube. Have each team present their ideas to the class. Evaluate your schedule and update as necessary.

Construction of the Rube should become the focus of the activities. As the Rube is assembled, highlight how careful PLANNING activities help link different steps of the Rube together to achieve the final Goal.

Remember to bring the focus of the day back into the activity: An Engineer is a PLANNER.

Work on Rube.

Key Points for Day Four

Incorporate best ideas into the work. Keep up journal and drawings.

Your design for the Rube should be well established but keep in mind that it is dynamic and teaches students how to deal with change.

Review different scientific principles and mathematical calculations that you have used in getting your Rube to this point. Be certain these are prepared for inclusion in the Journal.

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