Day Two




Remind class of the significant points of day one (Visionary)

Ask the question: “How does an engineer get their job done?”

Discuss the resources that an engineer uses.

Engineering Resources

Engineers need resources to accomplish the tasks that they are required to perform. These include human resources (i.e.: people), information resources, and technical resources. Discuss these different resources with the students.

1. Human

a. Attitude attributes

1. dependable

2. careful

3. pleasant

4. responsible

b. Education

1. applicable courses, i.e. math, science

2. field is open at all educational levels

3. degreed Engineers can be registered and licensed

c. Skills

1. technical expertise in your particular field

2. computer skills

3. good communication skills

4. critical thinking/problem solving

5. organizational

2. Reference Materials

a. design manuals

b. internet

c. computer modeling software

3. Equipment Manufacturers/Material Suppliers

4. Past Experience, Previous Projects or designs

5. The Work of Other Engineers/Consultants, and Academic Researchers.


Use the internet (an information resource) to bring up the RUBE GOLDBERG page and glean information regarding the man and his work. Have students study pictures on web site. Discuss what you see. Go to other websites for simple machines and review the working principles again. Use YouTube for videos of Rube Goldberg devices and Energy Principles.

IMPORTANT: Preview all Internet sites and videos before introducing them to your class!!!!!!!!

Bring back the focus of the day into play at this point: An Engineer is a RESEARCHER.

Work on RUBE.

Key Points for Day Two

Get into the habit of having students taking notes. This will be valuable for Journal development.

Work on : theme development, inventorying “Stuff”, working on basic layout for Rube, possible uses for materials, brainstorming ideas on how “stuff” can be transformed into simple machines, make sure journal is started and being kept up to date.

It is important to begin brainstorming ideas for the different steps that the class will use in the Rube. This will be designed around the different pieces of “stuff” that the class has assembled from home.

The Engineer can break the class up into teams and have them brainstorm ideas on how they would accomplish the final step (ie : the Rube’s ultimate goal) for the Rube using the “stuff” they have collected. Allow sufficient time for the teams to develop concepts and have each team present their concept to the class.

Remember to review all the different things that must be included in your Journal (page 8).

Website for the Day: