For The Students

The Rube Goldberg Showcase


It is time for the ENGINEER IN THE CLASSROOM and the RUBE GOLDBERG Showcase!! Hope that you are ready to go. This year the ENGINEER IN THE CLASSROOM Project is heading into over 40 - 5th grade classrooms and we are going to be discussing and studying the basic principles and fields of engineering as well as practicing some of the skills used in Engineering.

Along with seeing some of the greatest Engineering feats from around the world, and using the internet to research some of the work that has been done in the past as well as currently, we are also going to see who in the world that RUBE GOLDBERG guy really was.

During this time, we are also going to be designing and constructing a RUBE GOLDBERG project. And that takes a lot of JUNK!! You will need to scour your house for all the JUNK that you can find. . Remember, your class’s RUBE will be judged against all the other 5th grades that are participating in this be prepared to work hard and learn about the field of Engineering. The Showcase will be held on February 29th, 2020 at the Showcase get ready to have some ENGINEERING FUN!!...and GOOD LUCK!!

Items that are allowed to be used for the contraption are shown on the following page.

So search through your room, house and garage. Just about any old junk will do BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS FIRST!!!!! This list can be extended but judgment by the teacher and the engineer should be used. There should be NO valuables used, i.e. grandpa’s retirement watch, money, real gold, antiques, etc. as the EITC Board, Schools, and Venue site will not be responsible for those items.


List of Common Items for use on the Rube Goldberg Contraption (Not All Inclusive)

Kitchen Items: Work Shop Items:

Jars Wood Scraps(boards, dowels, paneling, etc.) Lids PVC Pipe Juice Cans Tools Utensils Wire Bowls Chain Food Containers Tape (all kinds) Grains Old Equipment parts Plastic Bags (wheels, pulleys, gears, etc.) Plastic Silverware Nails Canned Food Screws, Nuts-Bolts Refrigerator Magnets Belts Pots and Pans Other Building Material Scrap Bottles, Caps, Pop Cans, Etc. (brick, block, pipe, electrical, etc.) (avoid sharp items and breakables) Hose and Tubing

Office/School Items: Kid’s Stuff:

String Toys Scissors Old Trophies Paper Clips, Clasps Pet Cage Parts Pens, Pencils Aquarium Tubing Paper Building Blocks Cardboard Books Garage Items: Glue Old Telephone Parts Funnels Old Computer Parts Parts off of anything Broken Ribbon (check with parents first) Erasers Old Yard Tools Thumb Tacks/Pins Old Camping Gear

Old Car Parts Sporting Goods: Old House Repair Items

Balls Other Building Materials: Gloves Pucks Sand Shoes Water-(Must be contained) Rackets Clay Golf Tees Play-Doh Fishing Gear Caulk (Barbs filed off Hooks) Dough Old Bicycle parts Papier-Mâché Old Roller skate/blade parts