Goal Of The Contraption And Journal - 2024

Design and build a Rube Goldberg contraption that will COMING SOON. 

Specific Rules:

Journal Requirements:

  1. Journal must detail the use of energy transfer for any one step of the RUBE.

  2. Journal must list all simple machines and how they were used in the RUBE.

  3. Journal must show three (3) mathematic and scientific principles or scientific calculations/formulas used in the RUBE.  The word “formula” does not limit this journal     requirement to only mathematical equations or formulas.”

  4. Journal must begin with a one-page research report on a kitchen appliance and how it changed things.  (include inventor, what the appliance does, and what you see        as the future)’

  5. Journal must describe one challenge and how that was resolved while building the RUBE.

Judging Criteria To Be Used For Point Accumulation

Judging will be based on an average of the judges scores.