Guidelines For The Classroom

Guidelines For The Classroom

Checklist for Classroom Entry and Teacher Access

✓ Check in with principal regarding the rules of the building.

✓ Call ahead and set time with your teacher(s).

✓ Make sure the teacher is made to feel a valuable and essential part of the program.

✓ Talk with the teacher regarding dates and times that are convenient for both of you to meet

during the program period.

✓ Make sure that the teacher is aware that their presence is mandatory as you are not

responsible for class behavior.

✓ Introduce yourself to the class in December.

✓ Inform your class(es) of what you will be doing.

✓ Inform your class(es) of what they need to bring.

✓ Inform your class(es) of what they need to be planning.

✓ Check the box of “stuff” for illegal items.

✓ Remind students of the rules to be followed.

✓ You may introduce an assistant to be used when you are not going to be available.

✓ Take final inventory of your box of “stuff” before the holiday break and remind students of

what is still needed.

✓ Ask the teacher for a parent assistant if needed.